Saratoga Memories

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Saratoga Memories

Post by Annie & Amy on Thu Oct 01, 2015 9:03 pm

Dear George,
I remember taking special notice of you and your wife at St Ann's Church in Saratoga. We were with Cheryl and Tom O'Leary and guests after performing for downtown Concert in Saratoga the night before. It was such a warm feeling to be greeted by people we knew from Cheyenne. Saratoga was your place and there was a peacefulness about you. It was nice to share that common ground for that moment.

You are always kind to come say hello to Mom(Ann Dinneen Smith) at Rotary who visits more rarely now. You are always there with a hand and heart.

Our prayers and thoughts are with you, George and your family.


Amy & Annie
Ann & Clark Smith

Annie & Amy

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