The Saratoga Valley and Carbon County

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The Saratoga Valley and Carbon County

Post by Dick Larkin on Thu Oct 01, 2015 6:44 pm

George...I'm not good at religious'll leave those issues for others more qualified...!! That said..any of us who were born and grew up in Carbon County have an unspoken brotherhood which beckons
us to return to Saratoga..Encampment..The Snowy's and The Sierras...!!! I'm not quite certain to the extent
of your illness and what limitations it has placed upon you...however...I want you to know...all of that wonderful country that we have enjoyed and shared with loved ones all of our lives...this fall...looks splendid and as
majestic as ever it could be...!!! The wonderment of life and reclamation in that valley is forever ongoing..and
naturally...changing...!!! Even the devestation of the pine beetle has created opportunity and different
perspectives that I could not envision just a few years past..!! Aspens will replace "black timber"...the elk and deer will probably short order...a new generation of folks will savor what we already know...the "Valley" is something that was gifted to us as a truly unique place to live share...and become part of the spirit of that land...!!! May God bless you...your friend...Dick Larkin

Dick Larkin

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