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Using this Message Board

Post by Admin on Wed Sep 30, 2015 11:32 pm

This message board is fairly simple to use.  Each of the 3 main items are separate forums where discussion can take place.  Most of the information posted on this board will take place in the "Everything George" Forum.

A post can be made 1 of 2 ways. You will be required to create a "username" to post a comment.  The username is simply used to allow you to be identifiable if you would like to be.  The username does have to be unique and the system will tell you if you can use a particular username or not.  You will not be required to have a username to read the threads and will only be prompted to provide one if you want to post.    You will not be required to sign up and become a member.  Both of the posting options below this will happen within the "Everything George" Forum.

The first is click on the "Everything George" highlight and find a topic about George you find interesting.  Click on that topic.  You will be able to simply reply to a discussion that has been created inside a current topic.  

The second way is to create a new topic.  If you have something to say and you feel it does not fit in the current conversation this is the step you will want to follow.  The process here is the same as the first step.  Click on the "Everything George" Forum and on the next screen click the "new topic" button and start a new topic.  You will be required to name it to start it.

If you need to exit the boards and start from the beginning, find the Home link in the upper left hand portion of the screen. Click "home" and you will be taken back to the screen with the 3 forums.

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